“Initially, I hesitated contacting Patti because I didn’t know if I could open up and share what was really going on with me. I found Patti to be truly present without judgment. All my life unhealthy boundaries have held me back and working with Patti, I learned how to create and maintain healthy boundaries. I now trust myself to tap into my courage and strength when needed. I’ve even gone back to school to change professions and stopped a shopping habit. My heart has cracked open allowing me to feel joy again.

Thank you for helping me find my fire again and most of all for the true love and kindness of your spirit.”

-Peggy Marto, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

“Working with Patti was a wonderful experience. If you are feeling that working with her may help you, but you are not sure how or why, TRUST your feeling.  She is a gifted healer and has supported and guided me to trust myself which has enabled me to move forward in my business. What I love most about Patti is that she really takes her time each session to listen and be present to what you are needing. Thank you Patti.”

-Denise Simone, New York

“I have received both in person and long distant healing sessions from Patti and would highly recommend her as a healer.  She has a very compassionate, accepting and loving presence that makes receiving a healing from her a very heart-felt and profound experience!”

-Jenna, Colorado

“Patti administered an awesome energetic healing over the phone. I wasn’t sure how it would work but I allowed myself to be open to whatever came. Lo and behold, I felt a release of tension and a burst of creativity. In this space, I have continued to find clarity.”

C.C., New York

“As a Healer, Patti brings gentle strength, compassion, and wisdom and creates a space for you to become who you truly are.”

J Macleod, Vermont

“The session was wonderful. Midway through I felt myself deeply relaxing and I literally felt the energy coming through my feet. My feet were tingly for quite some time. After the session, I definitely feel more relaxed, present and focused.”

-D.S., New York

“I was on Patti’s massage table and was able to relax very quickly and completely.  I felt like I was on a wonderful meadow filled with flowers, laying in the grass and then flying with butterflies. In the end I felt very well and relaxed. After the healing session with Patti, I felt much better and I had more energy.”

Alfred, Germany, suffering from extreme fatigue due to heart medication

“You have definitely impacted my life for the way better. I guess this is why you do what you do. It’s so powerful. I felt the swirling energies at times and it felt wonderful.”

-J.S., New York

“I had 4 healing sessions with Patti. After all of them I felt both relaxed and energized at the same time. Two of those sessions I came in with a very bad cold. I left both sessions healed. The cold and cough were both gone within the next hours. What I found very fascinating was that during one of these sessions I felt a freezing cold flow of energy going through my body. I had not mentioned that to Patti but she told me after the session that she energetically froze my germs out of my body. In other sessions it felt like some emotional block was lifted and I felt safe enough to cry and heal. I can strongly recommend Patti’s sessions, they truly are a very healing experience – physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Susanne Macke, New York

“I have known Patti for over 6 years.  I just love her to pieces for so many reasons!  Besides her obvious talents in the professional world of energy healers, of which I have personally benefited, she is a kind and loyal friend, a devoted mother, and just one of the most conscientious people I know.  She is someone who brings people together and creates community wherever she goes.  She sees the best in people and has room for everyone’s humanity.   As an energy healer, her guidance and intuition flow strongly through her and she approaches healing with integrity, compassion, and a clear intention to support.  I count myself lucky to include Patti as someone who has made a profound and lasting difference in my life.”

-Tami Zaroff Spackman, Brooklyn, New York

“There is no question about it, Patti is a gifted energy healer. She takes her work seriously with amazing results. She is continuously adding to her education – besides her four years of Barbara Brennan School of Healing Certification and numerous workshops she is now training in PsychoEnergetics. Besides going myself, I have sent friends to her and they have had impressive results.”

-Caroll Claps, New York