If You’re Highly Sensitive, You May Be Hiding…

alone girlAre you hiding yourself away? Are you overwhelmed by life and want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over your head?

Sensitive people require time alone to recharge, reflect and relax. It’s necessary for your emotional and mental health. Solitude allows you to re-connect with your personal needs and desires and release other people’s emotions that you’ve picked up.

But, when does alone time become hiding?  When do you start to believe that you can’t handle being out in the world? 

Bright lights, noisy environments and crowded spaces impact empaths, introverts and highly sensitive people. You’re affected by unspoken emotions and psychic energy. You can walk past someone and pick up on their sadness or anger. Unfortunately, you may not realize it’s their emotions and not yours.

That’s why solitude is an absolute must. You sort out what is and isn’t yours away from others. Don’t assume that every emotion you feel is yours. 

Don’t let your sensitivity force you to sidestep all the good things life offers you. Connection. Laughter. Joy.

Needing alone time for personal care is different from hiding.

Hiding is avoidance energy. You’re hiding when… 

  • you’ve spent time alone and you still feel overwhelmed, anxious or down.
  • you’re afraid to see someone or anyone.
  • you feel young, like a child.
  • you don’t feel capable of meeting the outside world’s demands.
  • you believe you can’t do what you want to do or say what you want to say.
  • you don’t feel accepted and/or loved by others.

To stay safe, you isolate. 

Ultimately, this costs you. You hide from life. Tucked away from the world, you become smaller and smaller.  You believe isolation is the answer.

You get used to being alone. Your comfort with not being seen grows. Invisibility feels safe.

You’re hiding. You’re not recharging your energy or renewing your spirit. If you’re overstimulated, silence calms you. A nap restores you. If you’re drained, alone time fills you up. 

I love to curl up with a good book or my journal. Working on my computer in a quiet house lets my nervous system unwind. I feel peaceful and relaxed. Being alone is pleasurable and delicious.  It’s necessary for my soul. It fills me up and I move out into the world once again.

Please don’t hide. Learn to manage your energy, maintain healthy boundaries and not take on other people’s emotional baggage and issues. It takes time. It’s worth it because you’re worth it. You can face the world.

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