How to Avoid a Panic Attack as an Empath

Learning to sense energy is invaluable. Below I describe how I used this skill to avoid a panic attack or, at the least, the embarrassment of tripping over people to flee for my life

Tight Crowded Spaces (Ugh!)

The longer I sat in a small, crowded theatre, the more claustrophobic I felt. My knees were nearly touching the chair in front of me. The air was warm. My husband and I were asked to move into seats that were up against a black, concrete wall.  If I needed to leave, I’d have to trip over an entire row of legs to make it to the aisle. Thoughts of people being trapped in a fire and unable to escape swam in my head.

I admitted to my husband that I was starting to feel claustrophobic. He stood up stating he felt the same.  We walked to the back of the theatre to get fresh air.  Fortunately, our seats were now taken and empty seats opened up closer to the aisle. As we sat down, the air conditioning came on and I felt safe being two seats away from the aisle. I thought that was the end of it. I was wrong.

Midway through the performance, panic rose in my chest. I wanted to escape.

I checked my surroundings. I knew I was safe. The feeling persisted. Remembering that I’m an empath, I realized someone else is feeling claustrophobic and I’m picking up on it.

How The Panic Left

I scanned my energy field and felt “something” behind my lower spine. Usually, when I’m energetically checking out my body and surrounding energy field, it feels smooth. Smooth means everything is good. But, my attention got stuck on what felt like a horizontal line across my lower back stopping the flow of energy to the bottom of my body.

Once I brought my awareness there, the line morphed and then disappeared. Noticing it allowed it to shift. I didn’t have to DO anything. Energy now flowed down my legs. The panic was gone.

Oh Geez! Now I Feel Pain. Is it Mine?

I could now stay and enjoy the show.  A few minutes, later my left knee was in pain.  I thought these seats are tight for my long legs. Maybe I’m too cramped. But, then I looked around and saw the theatre had many elderly patrons.  I thought this is someone else’s knee pain. It’s not my pain. So, I commanded it to go back to where it came.

The pain left. Now, I was comfortable and able to concentrate on the performances.

I do admit that I’ve spent years meditating and I’ve studied energy healing at Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  I’ve continued to study mindfulness, emotional depth work, and esoteric healing. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do this, too.  It’s a skill, not a gift.

Being able to pay attention to yourself without getting attached to what you sense is key. 

  • You feel a pain. Don’t take ownership of it. Question if it is someone else’s. 
  • You feel an emotion. Watch it. Don’t claim it as your own. First, see if it is someone else’s. The bigger it feels, the more likely it is yours. 
  • You have a negative thought. Don’t feed it energy. Don’t keep thinking it. Claim that it is not your thought and send it away.

If you’re an empath, this is a first step.  If it doesn’t go away, then it’s your pain, emotion or thought.  That’s when other skills are needed for your personal healing and self-growth.

I hope this is helpful.  It’s not a guarantee. But, it’s a place to start and a place to practice. If you have any questions or insights, please comment and I will respond. Please share if you know others this will help. 

4 thoughts on “How to Avoid a Panic Attack as an Empath

    1. I believe we feel others energy or pain because we are all connected. All the ancient wisdom traditions teach this. Although we believe we are separate, we are not. Some people’s energy fields are more open to sense others emotions and physical pain. It is a sensing mechanism that I believe helps us to empathize with others. Questioning whether an emotion or sensation is coming from you or someone else is essential as we don’t need to take on other people’s pain to help them heal.

  1. Sat Nam Patti,
    How are you? Happy to hear you are doing kundalini yoga. I was just sharing about being an empath and here it is in your blog. I was referring a friend to you because you are unforgettable with your work.
    You helped me when I needed it the most and I will always be grateful for your generous spirit.
    Love ❤️ And
    Sat Nam
    Peggy M

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