About Patti

PattiI’m a heart-based healer and spiritual mentor who 100% knows how to help women radically transform their lives.

You’re a woman who wants to feel more peace and joy in your life. But it’s hard to feel any of that right now. You’ve hit a rough spot that you can’t seem to get out of.

If you were really honest, you might quietly admit that you feel like something’s deeply wrong. You have no idea what’s “off”. You aren’t sure if it’s you or something that you’re doing.  You are tired of feeling stuck.

But you’re done feeling this way.

You’re determined to finally find out why you’re struggling and how to stop it.  You recognize that you can’t do it alone or you would have done it already.

You’re ready to feel good about who you are and build a life you love. You want to be so much more than you are right now, and you’re looking for someone to help you get there.

You’re the person I LOVE to work with. You aren’t yet able to see the jewel that you are, but I can.

Together, we will release you from the stuckness, from feeling flawed, and from this rough patch you’re in. We’ll gently and mindfully transform what is “off” in your body, energy and mind. With our eye on unlocking your highest potential, we’ll widen your path to making your hopes and dreams a reality.

Best of all, once we get you out of your slump, you’ll know how to stay out of it. For good.

With 10 years of experience, a toolbox full of spiritual, practical, and energetic tools, I bring everything I have to our sessions so you can become the person you’re meant to be and life the life you’re meant to live.

My story

While other kids were interested in art, sports or science, I was interested in people. My radar was set to pick up distress. If I sensed another child feeling down, I would chat them up with a few, kind words hoping that would change their day.

That compassion has never changed. My heart continues to have a soft spot for people going through a rough time.

In my early twenties, I was a single-mom struggling with a lot of responsibility and not a lot of life skills. Fortunately, I always excelled at work and people told me I was the most together person they knew.

It was a facade. Often, I felt I couldn’t keep up with life.  Every facet of my personal life was messy and unsatisfying.

I wouldn’t consider myself depressed, but life felt flat to me. Not much excited me. And I was easily prone to falling into despair believing IT was never going to change.

At my core, I didn’t feel happy and I didn’t understand why.

After my father unexpectedly died, I began studying reiki, mediumship and healing which led to me reading Barbara Brennan’s book Hands of Light. (No, it didn’t leap from the shelf and fall on my head. ;-))  The book blew my mind open and I knew I had to attend the Barbara Brennan School of Healing [BBSH].

My 4 years of training at BBSH along with my Pathwork studies radically changed me and my life. This super-speedy, intense personal transformation taught me how to tap into my inner authority, receive and follow guidance, perceive energy along with techniques to clear away self-sabotaging patterns, thoughts and emotions.

Although I felt so much better and many aspects of my life improved, I fell into the spirituality trap.  I wanted the Law of Attraction, visualization or any other quick New Age remedy to drop everything I wanted on my doorstep.

I knew it was time to go deeper. So, I spent time working with private teachers to learn a new way to cut through resistance and fear and ultimately discover how to bridge wisdom teachings with personal development .

Although my clients had raved about my energy work. I wanted more. I wanted my clients to be actively learning and have access to the tools I have.  So, I merged teaching with energy clearing.

And the results I heard amazed me.  Patterns held for a lifetime shifted.  Formerly, down-and-out clients really started going after what they wanted and I loved it.

Along the way, I’ve found happiness. Life no longer feels flat, but magically rich with possibility.

I am blessed and honored to do this work. The only job I ever wanted was to inspire women to create a better life for themselves and I’m grateful that has become a reality.

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