6 Ways to End Aggravation Quickly

You tried everything, but nothing’s working. You don’t know what to do next. You feel stuck. Gosh, I can’t stand those days.

Ironically, once I finished writing my free guide, 42 Ways to End Struggle Now, I found myself buried in a heap of struggle. I was up against one technical issue after another and I wasn’t finding answers.

Was the universe playing a joke on me? Go ahead and write about struggle and we’ll put you to the test.

I fell headfirst into frustration and aggravation as everything I tried wasn’t fixing the problems. I was getting ticked off.

When I complained to my tech-savvy hubby, his response was “welcome to my world”. This shook me awake because he asks me for help when he’s super-stressed at work.

He couldn’t fix my tech problems and apparently, neither could I.  But, I knew I needed to end all this struggle I was experiencing.

Why wasn’t I using the techniques I wrote about in my guide? Why was I choosing to suffer when there was another way?

Sometimes we don’t want to stop what we’re doing even if what we’re doing is causing us pain. We believe if we push through it, the misery will end.

Luckily, I came to my senses and started putting into practice what I knew would help immediately.

When you find yourself aggravated and overwhelmed, try this:

Breathe and Move your Body When you’re stressed, stop and notice your breathing. Take a few deep breaths letting the tension move out of you. Shake the tension off your body by moving your shoulders in circles and shaking out your arms and hands. Take a walk if you can.

Drop Expectations and Demands - Expecting things to go smoothly is one thing, demanding it is another.  Having expectations that life should deliver perfect results only causes suffering. Keep in mind the possibility that the unexpected may happen and it’s ok. You can handle it.

Surrender to Acceptance –  When you stop fighting against what is happening, you’re able to embrace it. Give up the fight. Accept that what you want may not come quickly or easily. How can you be with today’s challenges and not work yourself up into a frenzy? Can you do what you need to do with grace and patience?

Find the Fear Ask yourself what fear is adding to your struggle. The answer may surprise you.  Fears can make you freeze up, get stuck and not take action. My fear was that I was NEVER going to fix the problem. Naming the fear calmed me down. I told myself that I WAS going to figure it out, but it might take much longer than I expected.

Get Playful - Being too serious cramps our energy and stifles creativity. Approach your struggle like it’s a game instead of serious business. Imagine if you approached your problems as puzzles that you could solve. With a playful attitude, you can turn something you have to do into something you want to do.

Ask for Help – The first time you ask is hard. Then, it gets easier. Find someone who can support you and get you to the other side of this struggle. No one is meant to go it alone.

 The Gifts in The Challenge

Life is filled with unexpected obstacles. Knowing a way to calm and center yourself is crucial.  Why struggle when you don’t need to?

These simple techniques helped me immensely. As I moved into acceptance and trust that everything would work out, I started enjoying facing my challenges.

My technical skills probably grew 1000%. More importantly, I’ll remember to use the tools in my guide much quicker next time!

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