Are You Picking Up Someone Else’s Emotions?

Are you suddenly feeling blue? Were you feeling fine a few minutes ago and now are wondering what’s come over you? 

You could be picking up someone else’s emotions. Our hearts sense the emotions in other people’s hearts.

The problem arises when you don’t realize that the sadness you feel is not your own. An Empath is a person who can feel other people’s emotion in their body. 

The stronger your connections with another, the more likely you’ll pick up their feelings. This is especially true if you have children. The bond is incredibly powerful. Depending on the strength of your relationship, your heart may sense the heart of your siblings, parents and close friends.

Surprisingly, you may pick up emotions that belong to co-workers, neighbors or romantic partners depending on your level of sensitivity. The houses in my neighborhood are very close. I’ve felt a sudden overwhelming depression only to discover that my neighbor had recently learned she had aggressive breast cancer.

How did I know I wasn’t depressed? Well, the unexpected shift in my emotional state didn’t make sense. I’d been feeling upbeat and happy. Abruptly, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I felt hopeless.

The next time you feel a depressive mood come over you, I urge you to check to see if it is truly yours.

Is This Emotion Mine?

When your mood shifts rapidly, it’s best to check if it pertains to your life. Is something bothering you?  Are you upset about something? Have feelings been building inside you around a situation that are only starting to surface?

It will be pretty clear if the emotions are yours. The issue will be on your mind. You’ll be thinking about it a lot.  You’ll have feelings about it.

But, if you’re in a good or neutral mood, it isn’t natural to become despondent the next moment. You’re probably picking up someone else’s emotional pain.  Once you realize it isn’t yours, it’s easier to deal with it.

This happens to me more often than the average person as I’m an empath.  I pick up other people’s emotions, especially sadness. It’s hard for me to be in groups, especially if we’re sitting in a circle. There is so much held emotion that people are carrying, be it anxiety, sadness or anger. I feel these emotions coursing through my body and I need to sift through to find my feelings.

Don’t Take On Someone Else’s Emotional Pain

If you don’t realize your sensing another’s emotions, you’ll believe that you’re depressed. Your mind will start telling you stories about why your down. You’ll start making yourself depressed. Do not take this energy and make it your own! It’s not yours.

Do you really want to feel down over something that has nothing to do with you or your life?  Yes, have compassion for the other. But, you don’t want to take on their pain.

State “This is not mine.”  Then, notice it and get curious about it. Set a strong intention not to take on the other person’s pain or karma.

This Too Shall Pass

Tell yourself this will pass.  It will pass. Someone is having emotions and it will stop. Sometimes the feelings last only a few minutes. The sooner I’m aware it isn’t mine, the quicker I stop feeling it.

Because I pick up emotions of people I love, I allow the connection. I feel their pain and send  compassion to them, even if I’m not sure who is suffering.

Find Out Whose Emotion It Is

You can trace the emotion back to its source.  Ask “Whose emotions are these?” You may get the answer as in hearing a name or seeing a face. You may not.

Often, you won’t know whose pain it is until later when you discover one of your friends or family members is having a rough time.  Last night, feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm came over me. But, I knew it wasn’t my feelings. Today, when I went online I saw a close friend posted something quite heartbreaking.

Give Them Privacy

Even if you know who is crying, you don’t need to contact them.  Give them privacy. It’s invasive if someone knows when you’re feeling off and they ring you asking “What’s wrong?”. Sometimes we need to work through challenges on our own.  Believe they can rise to the challenges in their life.

Personally, I use discernment and my intuition as to whether to reach out or not. Unless it’s one of my children, I’ll let time pass before I call.

Pamper Yourself

Take care of yourself. What will make you feel better now? A funny movie, a warm bath, fresh air, movement or a home-cooked meal.

I allow the energy of the emotion to be there without me having to fix it, clear it, or take care of it. I allow it and trust it will dissipate. And it does.


The next time you suddenly feel sad, question if the sadness is your own emotion.  Don’t be so quick to think your depressed.  As more people are becoming psychically sensitive, it’s important to keep checking in to see if something you’re experiencing is coming from your own heart or someone else’s. 

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Do you pick up other people’s emotions? If so, how do you deal with it? Please share or comment if this post helped you. In gratitude for your sharing my post, I’ll send you good vibes your way.